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SUR-RON light bee X DIRT BIKE Pre order only!

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welcome to the next generation of Eletric dirt bikes 

su-ron is a hit across many disciplines ,trails hill climbing ,enduro, hill climbing, exploring having fun.its immense torque has gone the hearts of many riders and professionals around the world.


upgrades and modifications: 

due to the popularity of the su Ron there and endless amounts of part upgrades and decals to make your su- Ron go that bit further and stand out from the rest!



choice of colours available to pre order: black, blue, grey, silver


50 percent deposit to order su-ron dirt light bee bike and 50 percent when its shipped.

production and delivery time may vary please E mail to confirm before purchase!

great fun for young adults and adults speeds up to 70kph  depending on riders weight terrain ect!

light weight only 50kgs

Endurance 100kms at 20kph







Length: 1870mm

Width: 780mm
Height: 1040mm
Minimum ground distance: 270mm
Wheelbase: 1260mm
Vehicle Weight: 50kg
Front axle mass distribution: 24kg
Rear axle mass distribution: 26kg
Maximum load weight: 100kg
Angle and itinerary
Anteversion: 26 °
Direction of the steering angle: 46 °
Front fork travel: 200mm
After the reduction / round travel: 87 / 210mm
Performance and transmission
Motor maximum speed: 4500r / min
Cooling method: forced air cooling
Climbing angle: 35 °
Endurance: 100km  (20km / h speed)
Maximum torque: 200N.m
Transmission type and transmission ratio: 1: 7.6
Drive: belt  + chain
Belt specifications: horse brand HTD 8M CXA drive
Frame and shock
Frame type: aluminum double cradle
Front shock type: double cylinder is vertical telescopic
After the shock type: multi-link center shock
Tires and Brakes
Tire specifications  (front): 70 / 100-19
Tire specifications  (after): 70 / 100-19
Rim type  (front): 19×1.4
Rim type  (after): 19×1.4
Brake type  (front): to the four-piston hydraulic disc brake
Brake type  (rear): to the four-piston hydraulic disc brake
Electronic components

Motor :  60V 5400W

Lithium battery : 60V32AH

Controller type: 48 / 60V adaptive

ECU type: GPS data connection
Speaker: European standard speaker
Charger type: constant current constant voltage 58.8V-5A
Power battery specifications: 51.8V25AH lithium battery pack
Front headlamps type: bicycle headlights (v) (w) (mm)
Brake light / rear light Type: Bicycle Deuterium (v) (w)
USB power supply: USB- 2.1A single socket
Instrument: IBN negative liquid crystal instrumen
  • color:

    Black, blue, Green, red, yellow